Online Learning

Online learning is something that we will be able to take with us wherever any of us may go in the future. Whether its looking up a recipe, finding a math formula, or catching up on an episode of something that could be useful in writing a paper, online is the easiest answer. Just about anything that we look for could be found online. I think that having this computer class online can help us become familiar with the web. We are learning different ways to navigate and maneuver through different tools. 

Although the internet is useful if used wisely, there are always some down sides to using the internet. As we are learning, there are many ways to edit what we have already posted. Negatively speaking, an answer that we may be looking for may have been “tweaked” a bit. Someone could have edited the truth, and therefore our answer isn’t exactly what it should be. For example, the website Wikipedia, people every day are constantly editing what was originally posted.


I personally love online learning. I like that we move at our own pace and can easily find answers to our questions. Sometimes we just have to watch what is reliable. 


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